About Us

"Mikall's Minion" "Padawan" "Young Jedi"

Tyler is an undergraduate studying Cinematography and Television at the University of Houston where he is now a Junior with one of the highest GPAs in the department!  He directs, edits, holds a boom, puts lavalier mics on talent, builds sets, carries props across campus, produces, and a whole shlew of other jobs all in pursuit of his dream to be one of the best in the TV/Film industry.  

He has taken classes in Advanced Animation, Graphic Design, Computer Tech, Digital Arts, and a 3D Animation course from University of Houston Downtown as well.

During the summers, he helps us out with research, backups, design work, social media posts, video production, scriptwriting, and editing.  Occassionally, he even feeds the dogs and does some filing! He's a team player for sure.

We are very proud of and happy about the level of dedication, personal growth, attention to detail, and committment that Tyler brings to our team.

Most recently, Tyler was the recipient of the Astros Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year! Yay!!

2020 headshot - Tyler Bailey

certified associate