Our Services

Custom Programming and Development

Sometimes your business needs an Android or Apple app that you just can't get out of the box.  Our company will meet with you to uncover the needs, deadlines, and offer suggestions that lead to the best pathway for meeting those needs and then some. 

We have worked with manufacturing to build apps for employees, HR, and management (includes vacation requests, company announcements, shifts & shift changes alerts, progress reports on production lines, etc), government to develop apps that tie existing apps to new ones and allow role assignments, as well as, distributors, so they can streamline tracking of their mobile assets (vehicles, mileage, maintenance, costs) and inventory (products on shelves, ordered, delivered, etc).

We offer programming services in a variety of the languages and tools necessary to produce custom software, ranging from the simplest database to high-performance data-driven websites.

Our programmers can design and implement databases using Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and mySQL, Filament, Laravel and React, and build websites using PHP, JavaScript, and ASP, as well as develop applications using Java, VB6, VB.Net, and C++.