About Us

"Cinematographer Extraordinaire"

For the past 20 years, Julye has worked in the oil, aeronautics, medical, educational and broadcast industries. As formats have come and gone, the industry's ability to provide more dynamic visual options for clients continues to enrich an audience's experience. 1", ¾", 16mm, and 35mm were the hot kids on the block when her career began, but today there are a variety of options available for your project including 4K, 2K and HD. 

We love having Julye on our team and part of our village!!  She's got "mad skills" when it comes to a camera (of any kind) and is super-duper dedicated! Sometimes she can be found hanging out the side door of a helicopter and others on the set of an Independent film! In any case, her work speaks for itself.  In fact, you've probably already seen some of it on HGTV, The History Channel, Discovery Health, PBS, Modern Marvels, or ESPN!  

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